Andrew Trim is a guitarist and composer.

Born on the western coast of Lake Michigan, Trim spent his early years learning to speak English and playing with superhero toys in the Chicago area. Following a memorable 5th year birthday celebration complete with superhero cake, his family packed up everything they owned and moved across the Pacific ocean to Japan where he spent the remainder of his childhood learning Japanese and training to be a ninja warrior. In his spare time, Trim also began his music education by learning piano at his mother’s behest, playing melodica and recorder in school, and singing in church. When the piano got too serious, Trim switched to drums and later guitar.

Years later, after graduating music school, Trim returned to the place of his earliest memories and set up shop in Chicago for 6 years. These days, he can be found residing in Milwaukee and regularly working with some of the most talented and unique musicians in the region and creating everything from mind-altering improvised flights to tightly contained, composed melodies. His instrumental projects - a quartet called Hanami and a trio called Dim Lighting - are the primary vehicles for his expressions.

Trim also plays guitar with bands Rock Falls and Aluminum Group, and continues to cultivate relationships with musicians from his time at the University of Colorado - many of whom have relocated to other metro areas like Los Angeles and New York. He also finds time to play straight-ahead jazz around the midwest in between other projects.

Critics have described Trim’s music as having a “ potent mix of sonic fluency and cinematic ambiance" (Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm) and labeled his group’s “patient approach" as “undeniably luxurious." Trim’s guitar playing has also been singled out for its “lovely underwater guitar tone - which - softens the edges of his lines but retains a gentle bite." (Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader). When not playing music, Trim enjoys spending time with his wife and son, reading, bike riding, record shopping, cooking, and exploring the food culture in Chicago and beyond.

Current Projects:

Dim Lighting - Trio project featuring original material with Kurt Schweitz - Bass and Devin Drobka - Drums. New studio album forthcoming.

Hanami Quartet - Co-led chamber quartet that plays arrangements of various Japanese music. Jason Stein - Bass Clarinet, Mai Sugimoto - Sax, Clarinet and Charles Rumback - Drums.

Criminal Activity - Instrumental rock project with Tony Barba - Sax and Effects, James Davis - Trumpet and Effects, Kurt Schweitz - Electric Bass and Effects, and Matt Carroll - Drums

Trim/Meyer/Rumback - Co-led trio that plays original music and also improvises. Danny Meyer - Sax and Charles Rumback - Drums

Rock Falls - The beautiful music of Annie Reese. Occasionally augmented by Kurt Schweitz - Bass and Matt Carroll - Drums

Recent Recordings:

Dim Lighting - Your Miniature Motion (2016)

Hanami - The Only Way to Float Free (2016)

Hanami - Self Titled (2014)

Dim Lighting - Live (2014)

Trim/Meyer/Rumback - Look at Me, So I Can Get Close to You (2013)

Ted Sirota's Heavyweight Dub - The Scientist Meets Ted Sirota's Heavyweight Dub (2013)